PES120LED-PPS1 -v2


  • 48W efficient LED Tubeless Shoplight
  • Advanced LED technology with unique quality structural¬†design
  • Significant energy saving & reduction in electricity bills
  • Replaces 64 Watts Fluorescent T8 shoplight.
  • Long life and superior performance
  • More than 50,000 hours of rated life
  • Environmentally friendly produces smooth light without heat
  • Suitable for indoor applications like garages, factories,¬†warehouses, residential, and commercial¬†facilities.

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Product Description

PES120LED-PPS1 Is a 48W Tubeless Shoplight that provides efficient bright light with uniform and flicker free light output. The shoplight comes with a diffuser and integrated LEDs in the fixture design which eliminate that need for bulb replacement. High Energy saving and low cost for residential and commercial Lighting applications like garages, warehouse, schools, gyms. The shoplight starts instantly at a very low temperature. Durable and light weight for easy installation and transportation.