Who Are We?

Power Electronics & Systems, Inc. was established in Torrance, California in 1994 as an engineering and manufacturing company of lighting components for commercial and residential applications. PES offers a variety of innovative products with the latest advanced SMT technology in LED drivers, Shoplights, and electronic ballasts. All products are manufactured in and controlled at a high quality production facility in China and comply with ISO9000 standards.

PES is synonymous with innovation techniques, unique designs, price advantages that cannot be beat!


PES’ most unique design at present is the Tubeless Shoplight. Unique LED arrangement and diffusers are being used in the LED shoplight to provide smooth and pleasant light in a fixture, which is compatible to the electronic shoplights previously used. Also, PES has the most compact LED driver with unique & proprietary design in dimming.


PES and its collaborating partner in China recently developed a unique stamping machine to stamp patterns on PES’ shoplight’s surface. This unique stamping machine stamps patterns directly on the metal surface of the reflector.

Price Advantage

PES’s intent is to replace the pleasant fluorescent fixtures and shoplights with compatible price of LED Tubeless Shoplights. Our future advantage of Tubless Shoplight is that the user does not buy or replace tubes in the shoplights. In addition, this new design will save energy and reduce cost of electricity bills.